Ac3 : Rosemary White Musk Soap 迷迭麝香皂


Rosemary white musk soap contains shea butter and sweet almond oil, is a great moisturizing and softening soap for your skin. It is very gentle on the skin, it suitable to use on babies and those with mature skin.


SKU: EP006.


This luxurious rosemary white musk soap contains of shea butter and sweet almond oil, great for moisturizing and softening your skin. It is very gentle or mild on the skin, we chosen the lighter scent of rosemary with white musk, making it appropriate to use on babies and people with sensitive skin. ~

Suitable Skin Type :

  1. Dry Skin
  2. Combination Skin
  3. Sensitive Skin
  4. Mature Skin

迷迭麝香皂: 添加了含有非常优良保湿效果的乳油木果脂与甜杏仁油,起泡度细小、滋润度高,还有暖和及软化皮肤的 添加了含有非常优良保湿效果的乳油木果脂,起泡度细小、滋润度高,还有暖和及软化皮肤的 最适合婴儿及过敏性肌肤。

适合使用肌肤 :

  1. 干性肌肤
  2. 混合性肌肤
  3. 敏感性肌肤
  4. 成熟肌肤

Size:  100g +/-

Additional information

Weight 102 g

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