Handmade Soap Master | SWEET SUMMER COTTAGE





Instructor: Madam Koh Hui Fung, with 15 years handmade soap business running experience and 9 years handmade soap teaching experience.

Madam Koh was born in Taiwan and moved to Malaysia in 1977. She started her journey of handmade soap from 2005 and established “Sweet Summer Cottage” in 2009. She started to teach handmade soap course from 2011 and obtained the “Qualified Teacher Certification” from Taiwan Handcrafted Soap Association in 2015. Madam Koh’s courses have received consistent recognition and praise from the students.

授课老师: 柯惠芳老师, 她有着15年的手工皂从业经验以及9年手工皂课程授课经验。

柯老师于台湾出生,在1977年移居马来西亚。她从2005年开始玩皂,2009年创建了”Sweet Summer Cottage”。她于2011年开始手工皂的教学,于2015年获得台湾香草手工皂艺术发展协会所颁发的手工皂师资合格证书。柯老师的教授的课程品质广泛的受到学生的认可和好评。

课程内容 Course Info: Not avaliable now!

Cold process soap, Melt and Pour process soap ,Liquid soap ,Floating Soap,HP soap ,Cream Soap , Practical  on stage.

Soap/作品: 9kg
Fees/费用: RM4700
Time/时间: 5 days

Below is the outline of the course:
  • How to create a good soap bar
  • Eight steps of soap making process
  • Preparation before soapmaking
  • Soap formula + function + target + additives
  • Scientific theories of Cold Process Soap
  • Different types of CP soap
  • How to do Melt & Pour Soap
  • Meet the additives: EO, petals, clay, colour powder…
  • How to use soap stamp
  • How to handle matured soap
  • Story of handmade soap

Extra information:

  • Course time: 2 days (from 10:00am-5:30pm)
  • Location: Jonker Walk, Melaka (opposite Geographer Cafe)
  • Course fee: RM1,800/person
  • Small class: 2-5 pax only (private class can be discussed upon request)
    (*Provide simple lunches during the course)


  • 如何設計一塊好皂
  • 做皂八大步驟一次解剖
  • 做皂前的準備工作
  • 配方設計, 功能, 目標, 添加
  • 冷制手工皂的科學原理
  • 冷制皂精油花草,拉花, 渲染,層次堆砌,乳香冷凍
  • 热融皂基皂:古典琉璃皂、草本植物皂
  • 添加物、精油、花瓣、礦泥、色粉⋯⋯
  • 皂章的使用方法
  • 成皂後的處理和知識
  • 手工皂的故事


  • 课程时间: 2天 (from 10:00am-5:30pm)
  • 上课地点: Jonker Walk, Melaka (地理学家餐吧对面)
  • 学费: RM1,800/人
  • 小班教学:2-5人(一对一课程可致电询问)
    (*提供课程期间的午餐简餐 )