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Of course! We have cold processed soap that is tailored made for sensitive skin. Its gentle formulation does not contain chemicals that could trigger skin allergies. (Individuals with sensitive skin could carry out a patch test on their hand or arm prior to usage.)


Yes. A suitable piece of soap could definitely substitute any expensive facial cleanser and make-up remover! Handmade soap is made from natural ingredients and do not contain harmful chemicals. Our face is exposed to the sun, air and dirt most of the time. Hence, thorough cleansing is essential for healthy skin after the cosmetics we apply every day.


It is essential to add in alkaline during the saponification process. The soap produced has the approximate pH of 8 to 9. Acidic substance has to be added to lower the soap pH and is not beneficial to the skin. Since our skin could regulate its own pH, the soap is suitable for usage as long as the pH is less than 10.


Flaking indicates that your skin is renewing. It is a good sign because the older skin layer is being removed to make room for new skin that will eventually glow with radiance.


Handmade soap improves skin conditions such as dermatitis, sweat rash and eczema. The effects vary among different individuals. Actually, as long as we do not expose our skin to chemicals such as foaming agents, dyes, stabilizers, preservatives, lubricants and artificial fragrances, our skin can repair itself healthily. Give our skin a break from chemical burdens and you will see the improvements.

对于皮肤的各种问题如异位性皮肤炎,汗疹, 湿疹等。手工皂的确是有帮助的。只是疗效依个人体质情况会有差异,其实只要不再接触化学起泡剂,荧光剂, 稳定剂, 防腐剂,顺滑剂,化学香精等。人体有免疫修复功能。给我们的免疫系统一个喘息的空间。一段时间不接触化学洗剂,很多皮肤小毛病自然就会好转了。

Put the soap in a organza bag during usage to prevent wastage. After usage, allow the soap to air dry and avoid contact with water. This is important to prolong the lifespan of the soap.

使用手工皂时,可以搭配泡泡袋使用,才不会让皂消耗太快。在每次使用后都让它保持干燥。 尽量不要泡到水,这样就可以有效延长使用次数。