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It all started with a beautiful stumble back in Taiwan. On a casual stroll during our family outing, this small delight caught my eye. The scent and sight of the handmade soap was irresistible and made it a perfect souvenir.

I started using the soap and saw the positive changes on my skin. My skin became more subtle with a healthy glow. Seeing and believing it for myself my immense interest was triggered to share this in Malaysia.

From there on, the beginning of the voyage of Sweet Summer Cottage Handmade Soap was hence marked.





探 索 香 氛 之旅。。


What is Handmade Soap?

Sweet Summer Cottage Handmade Soap prides in using traditional European cold processed method in our soap production. We strive to preserve the goodness of the plant natural oils and give the best that your skin deserves.

Our research and formulation team incorporated the essence of east and west in our dedicated soap making process. The intricate combination of European aromatherapy and Chinese herbs effectively cleanses the skin thoroughly without losing the simple and relaxing scent.


Sweet Summer Cottage Handmade Soap 制皂全程采欧洲传统冷制法制皂,能温和地保留植物油中对肌肤的滋养,我们坚持采用天然原物料制作香皂。


“The soaps are formulated to suit Malaysian skin and weather. So worry not, there is always something for everyone.”


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